CrossFit – Sat, Feb 11


CrossFit – Sat, Feb 11

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

Share the work, share the reward!

Partner MetCon

Part 1 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

15 minute AMRAP:

2+2 power clean 115/80# barbell and 50/35# dumbbell set

2+2 front squat

15 synchro situp

*Power cleans and front squats must also be done synchronized until you’ve finished the rounds of 10s. Then the bar/dumbbell reps may be split between the pair, 1 works while 1 rests.

-Rest 5 minutes before part 2

Part 2 (Calories)

8 minute AMRAP:

Calorie erg working in 30 second shifts. Switch ergs after 4 rounds so you each perform 4 sets on both machines.

50 Burpee February

Burpee lunges… footwork galore!

Burpee lunge down (Time)

For time, rest 1/2 the time the set of burpees took:
Burpee lunge (alternating legs)
*Record your finish time, no math required.