CrossFit – Mon, Jul 31


CrossFit – Mon, Jul 31

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

How much can you handle?


2 min on erg

10 prone reaches

10 alternating spiderman to pigeon

10 snap to hollow

10 alternating dead bugs

5 scap pull ups

5 banded Y raise

5 knees to elbows

5 banded external rotation to press

5 Toes to bar

5 PVC pass throughs

5 PVC push press

5 PVC high hang power clean

5 PVC hang power clean

5 PVC low hang power clean

5 PVC push jerk

5 PVC split jerk


6 supersets on a 3 minute clock:

5 single leg RDL

10 seated dumbbell or barbell strict press

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift (6×5 R/L)

Seated Strict Press (6×10 with barbell or dumbbells)

Seated with feet on floor


MetCon (Weight)

10 rounds for time, but really for weight:

2 power clean and jerk (Must be done as a touch and go. Choose your weight wisely and pace your rounds to allow this and receive an Rx!

3 bar facing burpee

7 toes to bar