CrossFit – Fri, Sep 15


CrossFit – Fri, Sep 15

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

Everybody get your lunge on!


2 rounds, 30 second stations:

Air squat

Jumping spiderman

Situp and reach

Deadhang (Pronated, supinated)

15 pvc passthrough

5 long hold good morning

5 reps each:

Down and finish

High pull

Hang power clean

Hang clean

6 alternating lunge

30 second staff stretch R/L

10 lunge and passthrough


10 rounds on a 90 second clock:

Lunge Complex (Power clean
Hang power clean
Hang clean
6 alternating lunges
*Work up the first 5 rounds to a heavy but safely manageable load and hold for the final 5 rounds.)


MetCon (Time)

For time: *12 minute cap



x2 pushup

x3 air squat

*Rx+ for chest to bar pullup.

AMRAP scoring (AMRAP – Reps)

Score the number of reps you completed in 12 minutes if you didn’t finish inside the cap