CrossFit – Fri, Oct 20


CrossFit – Fri, Oct 20

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

Jump high and lift heavy!


5 burpee

Jog down back pedal back

10 spiderman burpee

Jog down back pedal back

10 squat and reach

10 situp and reach

10 updog windmill

5 snow angel

30 second supinated grip hang

5 90/90 raise and press

15 pvc passthrough

5 long hold good morning

10 around the world

5 down and finish

5 high hang clean

5 push jerk

5 split jerk

3 reps of the complex

5 minutes for front rack and other mobility


MetCon (AMRAP – Reps)

30 minutes alternating OTM:

5-10 pushup + 5-10 V-up (Both sets should be done unbroken each round in <30 seconds)
10 box over (High box. Complete in <40 seconds)
Clean and jerk + Hang clean and jerk

*The first 2 minutes are meant to accelerate your heart rate and make the lifting complex in the 3rd minute more difficult. Start the complex around 50% of your 1RM clean and jerk and build to a heavy finish. Remember that these types of workouts get much more difficult in the final 3-4 rounds.
Score total pushups, V-ups and box overs. Note your box height.

Clean and Jerk Complex (10 x clean and jerk + Hang clean and jerk)

Perform as an unbroken complex.