CrossFit – Fri, Mar 24


CrossFit – Fri, Mar 24

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

twenty-two eighteen

fifteen years of workouts here

bittersweet our exit


5 burpee

10 pvc passthrough

10 spiderman windmill

5 burpee

5 around the world each way

10 sumo foldover slides (down one leg, slide across, up the other)

10 pvc passthrough

5 K-squat (3 second holds)

30 second R/L hanging lat stretch

5 forward and backward arm circles

2 wall climb (5-10 second hold)

1 minute of cranky elbow stretch

5 barbell deadlift

Hang clean/power clean into 5 front


5 minute to do some mobility and then set up and warmup your movments.


One last workout in the gym you all call CLE!24 minutes for the date, 2218 our address, 3×5=15 for the years spent here. So many memories of success and suffering within these walls.

The Last Hurrah (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

24 minute AMRAP on a 40/20 clock:

22/18 calorie erg

5 deadlift 165/110#

5 front squat

5 wall climb