Monday – February 27th


Monday – February 27th

We had a great turnout on Saturday and kicked The Open off right with 17.1! Remember that your score must be entered by 8pm Eastern Time!

*If you need to do/redo 17.1 then show up early and get ready. It is up to you to get warmed up and coordinate with a judge. We, as coaches, will be running a normal class schedule. We will be happy to set you on the right track and answer questions but we will not be available to judge.

4 superset rounds on a 3 minute clock:
3 front squat at 70, 75, 80 and 85%
10 back squat
*Perform the 3 front squats at the set percentage of 1RM front squat. Re-rack the bar, immediately put it on your back and complete the 10 back squats at the same weight.

For time:
Sumo deadlift high pull #115/75
Shoulder to overhead #115/75

2 Responses

  1. Vanessa

    I truly feel that only having the weekend as the designated time to do the Open WODs really marginalizes the people who are unable to come in because they work on the weekends. Not only that, the weekend hours are mornings only, which makes it impossible for anyone to have the option to come in after work, like they might be able to on a Friday or Monday. For instance, my weekend schedule (8-4) so it’s obviously not feasible to come in before work either. I know it’s difficult to accommodate everyone and those of us unable to come in are probably only a small slice of your members, but limiting the availability of designated times is not really a wise decision. Even though you are “allowing” people to complete the WODs on a non-designated day, the member is then also tasked with finding their own judge. If I come in at 11 before work but no one is available to judge me, then what? Is it just “Oh, too bad, you should be here on Saturday?” That just doesn’t seem right.

    1. Philip Weigel

      We are very willing to accommodate people who need to do the workout on “Off days”. If there is no one else to judge, Josh or myself will judge you. Fridays are not really an aggressive day of training, the are designed to be a rest and reset day that helps people put their best foot forward in the Open workouts, so working the class and judging is doable. To the best of my knowledge we have had no instances where we were unable to produce a judge for an athlete who was ready to do the workout. We believe it is a wise decision to put the workout on Saturday. Saturday during the Open has been opened to all members as a free day to come and experience the best parts of our community and how gathering many members at the same time brings a phenomenal atmosphere of camaraderie and a competitive push that helps them go a little further than they would without the community backing. It is regrettable that you work weekends and miss out on this event, but we are more than willing to make it work at other times. This first week we have run no less than 10 people at “Off times” without issue (to the best of my knowledge). I’m sorry you feel slighted by this, but I stand firmly behind the belief that this is an excellent way to engage many who would not otherwise have any interest in the Open. I believe that it really helps to strengthen the community atmosphere that sets CrossFit apart from other fitness crazes.
      I hope this is understandable. Please let Josh or myself know if you need to coordinate different times. We would be happy to make that work.