Friday – September 27th


Friday – September 27th

The ingredients to successful toes to bar: full grip on the bar, eyes straight forward, snappy abs and lats to drive the movement.

7 minute AMRAP:
1 strict chinup
2 pistol
2 strict chinup
4 pistol
3 strict chinup
6 pistol

Complete for time on a Tabata timer:
3 rounds:
75 double under
25 toes to bar
10 alternating lunges with 95/65# barbell overhead
*Wear a weight vest if you wish.
**Weight vest wearers beware: Double unders in a vest can cause significant soreness in the calves. If you do not have double unders we suggest that you NOT wear a vest and work on learning the basic CrossFit skill of the double under… they have ALWAYS appeared in the Open!

Spend 10 minutes working on your mobility weaknesses.